JSCC WhippleWare

WhippleWare is a suite of online database applications that manage data and information related to college planning.  Listed below are the five applications with a brief description of each along with links to additional resources.

Institution Manager - Manages college information used in other WhippleWare manager applications.  Manual (Ver. 2.7)

Syllabi Manager - Manages master syllabus templates and class syllabi.  Manual (Ver. 2.7)  Videos

Outcomes Manager - Manages assessments of instructional program and course outcomes. Manual (Ver. 2.7)

Key Functions Manager - Manages assessments of key functions for student service and support units. Manual (Ver. 2.7)

Planning Manager - Manages unit action plans of instructional and student service and support units. Manual (Ver. 2.7)

JSCC WhippleWare Videos

 How to COPY a syllabus: http://screencast.com/t/w1Bz6sGzMV

 How to ADD a syllabus: http://screencast.com/t/jmI7qwLDZ

 How to copy a syllabus from a previous year: http://www.screencast.com/t/qyS4KSaHh9wY

 Outcomes Manager and SLO information: http://screencast.com/t/1sVmx7bhgwyS

Contact information concerning the above videos:

Norma Jean Hatcher


Phone: 910-296-2443

The videos below provide useful information about WhippleWare applications.  Use Microsoft Media Player to view them.  For slow Internet connections, best results can be obtained by first downloading and saving the videos on a local computer.  Right-click on a video and click "Save Target As..." then follow the instructions.

  1. General Introduction Video
  2. Syllabi Manager Videos
    1. Syllabi Manager Part 1 - Class Syllabus
    2. Syllabi Manager Part 2 - Class Syllabus
    3. Syllabi Manager Part 3 - Class Syllabus
    4. Syllabi Manager Part 4 - Vita
    5. Syllabi Manager Part 5 - Evaluations
    6. Syllabi Manager Part 6 - Master Syllabus
    7. Syllabi Manager Part 7 - Course Outcomes
  3. Outcomes Manager Videos
    1. Outcomes Manager Part 1 - Set Up
    2. Outcomes Manager Part 2 - Set Up Continued
    3. Outcomes Manager Part 3 - Viewing Program Assessment Data
    4. Outcomes Manager Part 4 - Adding Program Assessment Data
    5. Outcomes Manager Part 5 - Submitting Program Assessment Data
    6. Outcomes Manager Part 6 - Deleting Program Assessment Data
    7. Outcomes Manager Part 7 - Submitting Program Assessment Data by Course
    8. Outcomes Manager Part 8 - Submitting Program Assessment Data by Section
    9. Outcomes Manager Part 9 - Adding Program Assessment Data by Course
    10. Outcomes Manager Part 10 - Adding Program Assessment Data by Section
    11. Outcomes Manager Part 11 - Viewing Course Assessment Data
    12. Outcomes Manager Part 12 - Adding Course Assessment DataSet Up
    13. Outcomes Manager Part 13 - Submitting Course Assessment DataSet Up
    14. Outcomes Manager Part 14 - Deleting Course Assessment DataSet Up
  4. Course Outcomes Update  Videos
    1. Course Outcomes Update Part 1 - Set Up
    2. Course Outcomes Update Part 2 - Continued
    3. Course Outcomes Update Part 3 - Instructor Add-ons
    4. Course Outcomes Update Part 4 - Continued